Ausllycrazyfan ( Founder & Admin ) Edit

Ausllycrazyfan is the founder and admin of AusllyandRaurashipperswiki. She also is an admin on Cupcakes Wiki. Ausllycrazyfan is obssessed with Auslly, Raura, Austin and Ally, Fashion, Music , Home Decorating, and Romance. Ausllycrazyfan is known as a huge Auslly and Raura shipper. She also hopes AusllyandRaurashipperswiki will grow more to more users and hopes this wiki will be the best wiki experience. Ausllycrazyfan is also very good with editing font color,font, background colors,quote templates, character templates, buttons, etc. Ausllycrazyfan created AusllyandRaurashipperswiki on June 11, 2013. As Ausllycrazyfan said " The more the better so we hope for this wiki to grow and expand and we hope users have a great experience on this wiki. " Our mission is to make this a great wiki and we would absolutely love for more people to join !!! :)