Welcome to the admin chat and hangout room

Hey Admins this is the ADMINS ONLY Chat and Hangout room. This is where we will have our admin meetings and discuss things that are needed to be discussed on this wiki. Please remember to sign your name with the four tildes ( this is a tilde ~ ) before you post your comment. Thank you.

Hey guys remember to check the admin meeting schedule and the discussions higlighted to know when the admin meetings are. Remember as Admins we help users who need help, follow the wiki guidelines, and it's ok if you miss some admin meetings but please let me know if you can't attend an admin meeting before the meeting so we know if we have enough admins to attend. The admin schedule will be posted soon and I will let you know when the schedule is ready. Also please tell me what times, you are available to attend the meeting so we can decide the time for the meeting. Thank you ~Ausllycrazyfan 23:09, July 22, 2013 (UTC)