Hey! This is KLA! :D Some of you guys know me from the Austin & Ally Wiki and the Whatever You Want Wiki. I'm really happy to be an admin here. And thanks to Ausllycrazyfan I was brought here! :D I have some experience being an Admin on the AwkoTaco Bell Wiki, Food Lover's Wiki and so on. So being an Admin is an honor and regular thing. I have some experience with CSS, fonts, backgrounds, etc. but not a lot. I've an admin since the wiki has been founded an I hope to meet you guys and make this Wiki Awesomer! If that's even a word I think it is. Haha. :D And I'm also really Obessed with Auslly, Raura, and other A&A and R5 stuff. Haha. :P

What I can Help With?Edit

Anything with the wiki.

Pages Editing.

Adding Categories.

Questions Or Concerns.

Colors and Profile Basics.

Anything really! Haha.:P

Just Wanna Talk?Edit

Then just come to my wall! :D Dont be shy!

Bye now. :D