Red c, l,h

Hey guys. This is Red. You may have seen me at the Austin & Ally Wiki, which brought me here. Because, well, let's admit it, Auslly rocks. I've been on here for a while, and although busy with my other wikis, I refuse to ignore this one (well, I'll try not to). Anyways, I'm so happy I've had the honor of being a mentor to some of the other admins here such as Ausllycrazyfan =) I'm pretty familiar with Wiki, and I tend to experiment a lot 'tll I finally get it right. Hey, trial and error, ya know? I'm pretty familiar with things like editing especially font, tabs, font color etc (as long as I have an example). But anyways, I just plan to make this wiki great and I can't wait to work with everyone on here!

Love and hate heart

IDK, I just liked this picture. And it had love and hate in it like my username, so.... why not, ya know?