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Ally Dawson is a confident,fashionable,girly,talented singer/songwriter,partner of Austin moon,smart,                     
Ally Dawson
Ally dawson pic
Vital statistics
Position One of the main characters in Austin and Ally and ship name "Auslly"
Age 16 years
Status Singer, Song writer, Partner and close friend of Austin Moon,
Physical attributes
Height 5 feet 2 inches
Weight Unknown
sometimes dorky, pretty,kind, goody goody, and sweet 16 year old teenager. In season 1 Ally was the shy songwriter who had terrible stage fright but in season 2 Ally's personality has changed tremendously. In season 2 Ally is a confident, pretty, fashionable, talented singer/sonwritter and has conquered her stage fright. She is also a little more girly and sassy in season 2 like most teenage girls. Ally Dawson also loves Romance and still loves intellectual things including school. She is also smart and less dorky in season 2. Ally also is partner/close friend/ love interest of Austin moon and she also has feelings for Austin too just like Austin has feelings for her too. Even though Ally is different from Austin moon they are very good friends and make their friendship work easily.  

Relationship with AustinEdit

Austin and Ally were just partners and close friends at the beginning of the season.  Going towards season 2,Austin and Ally realize they have feelings for each other but some of Austin' relationships get in the way of revealing their true feelings.