Auslly is the show related pairing on "Austin and Ally" Austin Moon and Ally Dawson.The two best friends had real chemistry between each other and the fans created a relationship name "Auslly" combining Austin and Ally's name into one.The first Auslly episode was the very first episode "Rockers and Writer" showed Austin and Ally "accidentally" touching hands when playing the piano together.The two have mentioned to their friends Trish and Dez that they like and each other and it is revealed that Trish and Dez are Auslly Shippers too.In the first "to be continued" episode of the show "Chapters and Choices", they performed a duet "You can come to me" and kissed after the performance with Trish and Dez watching in awe and excitement. The Auslly kiss ended after Kira Starr, Austin's former girlfriend, agreed to be his Girlfriend agiain when Ally was there. Ally, disappointed made an excuse to go back to the store and Austin desperate for Ally and him to be together instead of him and Kira. It was difficult for Ally to hang out again with Austin and forgive him so he serenaded her with her written song "I think about you" to her and they were officially a couple."Couples and Careers" was the episode in which the two were a couple and went on a date to "Illusions Magic Cafe" but agreed it was very awkward and not a very good date. Their relationship affected their songwriting made them afraid to be honest about each others ideas, making them write their very first "terrible" song. The two realized that they are not ready to be a couple and hugged for a long time.

==Auslly Moments==