This Page is a special page of how the Auslly arc formed and will be added on to, later on in season 3 when the Auslly arc continues.Edit

Season 2: Girlfriends and GirlfriendsEdit

  • Ally was bragging about how awesome Austin is to Kira during their lunch with the group to celebrate for the  #1 Video.
  • Kira thought that Austin and Ally had feelings for each other because Austin and Ally were close friends.
  • Dez thought that Ally's secret admirer was Austin
  • Dez and Trish called Austin and Ally 
  • Austin got Ally flowers for a gift
  • In the card Austin gave Ally ( that came along with the flowers) he wrote " There's no way I can make it without you".                                                                          
  • Ally was helping Austin plan the perfect date for Kira which shows that Ally really cares about Austin.
  • Austin was putting his arms around Ally during the practice date
  • Ally's feelings for Austin started to changed ever since they were pretending to be on the perfect date to help Austin's date with Kira. ( Ally relized she likes Austin )
  • Ally went shopping for the things Austin needed for his perfect date with Kira 
  • Ally said she genuinely wanted Austin and Kira to have a good time on their date 
  • Austin said Thank you to Ally for helping to plan the date.
  • Ally was playfully punching Austin when Austin was about to go on his date and she also called Austin "pal' in an awkward way and laughed aka her fake laugh ( flirting ).
  • Ally felt bad she ruined Austin's date. ( Ally cares about Austin )
  • Ally kept the card in her songbook that Austin gave to her when he got Ally flowers.

Season 2: Campers and ComplicationsEdit

  • Austin said " That's Eliot ?" when Ally hugged Eliot which meant Austin was jealous of Eliot and Ally.  
  • Austin wanted to show that he could do arts and crafts so he drew a hand turkey and showed Ally and Eliot.
  • Ally wanted to show Eliot around when Austin said that Ally and him had to write a song. So Austin was jealous because Ally wanted to do something with Eliot instead of writting songs with Austin.
  • Trish suspected that Austin was jealous because of Eliot and Ally                     
  • Austin was jealous because he didn't get time to hang
  • out with Ally. He felt like Ally didn't have time for him anymore now that Eliot was in town.
  • Austin was basktweaving to show that Eliot isn't the only guy who can do arts and crafts.
  • Dez suspected that Austin had feelings for Ally but Austin denied it.
  • When Dez was talking to Austin about Ally ( in the practice rrom ), He made Austin relize that Austin had feelings for Ally.
  • Dez is an Auslly shipper.
  • The next day, Austin was talking to Dez about Ally and Kira and Austin said he said he has mixed feelings for both girls and said he likes his relationship with Kira, and didn't want to ruin his relationship between him and Ally just because Austin has mized feelings, but after Austin said that , Austin said " I can't believe I had second thoughts. Obviously Me and Ally should be together !" and walked off not knowing he said about him and Ally.
  • Ally was talking to Trish at the music store ( after Eliot told Ally to meet him at the Champ's Grill resturant for Trivia Night ) that Eliot metioned the 'G' Word aka Girlfriend and Ally thinks Eliot wants Ally to be his girlfriend . Ally said that she thought it was easier to get over Austin ( her crush ) if she had someone else. but after spending a week with Eliot, they barely have naything to talk about all they talk about, is camp and it's really boring. So Ally asked what to wear for a night like this when your going to tell Eliot your not interested, so Trish said to wear a dress that hides food stains ( Trish is going to be Ally's waitress ) so Ally said she'll wear a red dress. Meanwhile Dez was listening to the convesation Ally and Trish had and thought that Ally said she wanted to be Eliot's girlfriend and told Austin about what he thinks Ally is going to do so Austin ran to Champ's Grill Restaurant with Kira to stop Ally from saying she wanted to be Austin's Girlfriend.
  • Austin competed against Eliot to impress Ally because he wanted to show Ally that Eliot wasn't the right guy for her
  • Austin and Ally were alone in the practice room
  • Austin and Ally's hands touched while playing the piano and they stopped and looked into each others eyes
  • Austin and Ally were leaning in for a kiss but they didn't kiss ( they almost kissed)

Chapters and Choices Edit

  • Austin teased Ally about the latest fashions is Africa when Ally's mom came home from Africa and Ally as wearing a doormat as a skirt
  • Penny ( Ally's mom ) suspected that Austin liked Ally because of they way Austin was acting around Ally.
  • Ally told her mom that Austin and Ally both liked each other.
  • Austin and Ally were so happy that they were doing a duet together so they hugged in front of Ally's mom.
  • Austin said he was really proud of Ally for going to face her biggest fear.                              
  • When Ally ran off, Austin said that wouldn't sing without Ally
  • Austin came to the music room were Ally went because she was afraid she couldn't sing on stage, After Ally's mom gave Ally a pep talk and were about to perform, Austin and Ally held hands.
  • Austin and Ally sang a romantic duet together at the Jungle Cafe for Ally's mom's book release party.
  • Austin and Ally both hugged after Ally sang the duet because she had conquered her stage fright. Ally was so happy she beated her stage fright and Austin said " I know I can do anything, As long as I'm with you" and they finally shared their first Auslly Kiss !!!. Dez and Trish were also standing there speechless when they saw Austin and Ally kiss.

Partners and Parachutes Edit

  • After Austin and Ally kissed, Kira came in and said she would be Austin's Girlfriend. Austin saw the look on Ally's face because Ally was shocked that Kira came in and said she would be Austin's Girlfriend, Right After Austin and Ally kissed so Austin tried explaining but Ally was already congratulating Austin and Kira for being together ( Ally Was acting like it was not a big deal but it was ) so Ally said she was going to go to a movie with Trish, but when Ally said it , her words got jumbled instead of saying " I better get scooting "she said " I better get Smooching " by mistake. Also instead of saying " There's a movie I don't want to miss ", Ally said " There's a movie I don't want to Kiss" by mistake.
  • While Trish walked off with Ally she said to Austin " Your Performance was great, but ur Timing was a little off " which she meant about Austin and Ally kissing and then Kira walking in and saying she would be Austin's Girlfriend after Austin and Ally kissed.                                          
  • After Ally and Trish left and Kira left, Austin was so worried and didn't know what to explain to Ally about Kira coming in and saying she would be Austin's Girlfriend.
  • At the Music Store, Trish asked Ally if she talked to Austin yet about the big kiss but Ally said " What's there to talk about" but Ally's mom heard the conversation between Ally and Trish and couldn't help but asked Ally to rewind about the kiss.
  • Ally explained to her mom that Austin and Ally kissed last night but Alluy said it was no big deal, Her mom denying it said it was exciting that Ally got her first kiss.
  • After Ally explained the rest to her mom about Kira walking in and saying she would be Austin's Girlfriend after Austin and Ally just kissed.
  • When Austin and Ally were talking about the big kiss at mini's, Austin said he wanted to be with Ally but Ally said " oh, so you broke up with Kira ?" but Austin said " No, Not yet" and Ally left.

Couples and Careers Edit

  • Austin was teaching Ally to play "Clarinet Golf "                                           
    Auslly couples and careers

    Austin Teaching Ally "Clarinet Golf".

  • Austin asked Ally out on a date
  • At the end when they agreed to just be friends Ally told him to not let go when the shared a warm loving hug.


Auslly arc ending for a little while before the real Auslly arc starts to form again.===

                                                                                                                                                                    Auslly arc beginning again later on in season 2 and beginning into season 3


Tunes and Trials Edit

  • Ally got a songbook for Austin to write his songs in.
  • Austin was teasing Ally by telling her not to touch his songbook that Ally bought him.
  • Austin wrote a love song called " Steal your Heart " and Trish and Dez suspected that Austin wrote the song about Ally.
  • Dez and Trish were suspicious and were desperate to find out who Austin wrote about.
  • Austin and Kira were trying to get Maroon 5 to play at Ally's surprise party
  • Austin was sitting next to Ally when they were in court trying to prove that Austin wrote " Steal your heart "
  • Austin didn't want to admit the song " Steal your heart " was about Ally because he loves being friends with Ally and didn't want to risk of them dating to ruin their friendship.
  • Austin admitted he still had feelings for Ally and wrote " Steal your heart " because he wanted to write about someone he cares about and that was Ally.
  • Ally admitted that she was kinda hoping the song would be about her
  • Seeing the romance between Austin and Ally in court, and that Austin really wrote the song about Ally, the Judge saw the proof of Austin really wrote the song because Austin and Ally were not faking the romance so the judge said that Austin was innocent and cased closed.               

Future Sounds and Festivals Songs Edit

  • Austin and Ally were writing a song for the world music festival but Austin had to go to an invention convention so Ally was not so happy about writing the song by herself while Austin has fun at the invention convention.
  • Austin bought Ally a Tune Pro at the Invention convention so they could speed up the time of writing songs. Ally appreciated the gift but she insisted that they should do it the normal way they do it because she said there is no shortcut for creativity.
  • Austin was trying to impress Ally and prove her wrong that they could write great songs using the tune pro.
  • Austin did the ET things with Ally
  • When Austin and Ally were in the practice room, Austin was teaching Ally to play the keyboard while holding her hand to play the keys on the keyboard.
  • Austin was impressed by how Ally quickly learned how to play the keyboard.
  • Austin asked Ally " What's the strongest emotion you felt?" Ally said "Love" and Austin said "really? ( blushing in love )
  • Ally was impressed by Austin's dancing.