Campers and Complications is the 9th Austin and Ally Season 2 Episode.Edit


Ally's Old Camp Friend Eliot is in town and Ally spends more of her time catching up and talking about camp with

Campers and Complications
Almost kiss
Season 2, Episode 9
Vital statistics
Air date February 17th, 2013
Written by Shelley Jensen, Adam Weissman
Directed by Risk Nyholm
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Eliot now that he is in town. Meanwhile, Austin is still Dating Kira but he soon relizes he's jealous of Ally and Eliot's friendship and Dez also made Austin relize that Austin has feelings for Ally.

Auslly Moments in the EpisodeEdit

  • Austin said " That's Eliot ?" when Ally hugged Eliot which meant Austin was jealous of Eliot and Ally.  
  • Austin wanted to show that he could do arts and crafts so he drew a hand turkey and showed Ally and Eliot.
  • Ally wanted to show Eliot around when Austin said that Ally and him had to write a song. So Austin was jealous because Ally wanted to do something with Eliot instead of writting songs with Austin.
  • Trish suspected that Austin was jealous because of Eliot and Ally                  
  • Austin was jealous because he didn't get time to hang out with Ally. He felt like Ally didn't have time for him anymore now that Eliot was in town.
  • Austin was basktweaving to show that Eliot isn't the only guy who can do arts and crafts.
  • Dez suspected that Austin had feelings for Ally but Austin denied it.
  • When Dez was talking to Austin about Ally ( in the practice room ), He made Austin relize that Austin had feelings for Ally.
  • Dez is an Auslly shipper.
  • The next day, Austin was talking to Dez about Ally and Kira and Austin said he said he has mixed feelings for both girls and said he likes his relationship with Kira, and didn't want to ruin his relationship between him and Ally just because Austin has mized feelings, but after Austin said that , Austin said " I can't believe I had second thoughts. Obviously Me and Ally should be together !" and walked off not knowing he said about him and Ally.
  • Ally was talking to Trish at the music store ( after Eliot told Ally to meet him at the Champ's Grill resturant for Trivia Night ) that Eliot metioned the 'G' Word aka Girlfriend and Ally thinks Eliot wants Ally to be his girlfriend . Ally said that she thought it was easier to get over Austin ( her crush ) if she had someone else. but after spending a week with Eliot, they barely have naything to talk about all they talk about, is camp and it's really boring. So Ally asked what to wear for a night like this when your going to tell Eliot your not interested, so Trish said to wear a dress that hides food stains ( Trish is going to be Ally's waitress ) so Ally said she'll wear a red dress. Meanwhile Dez was listening to the convesation Ally and Trish had and thought that Ally said she wanted to be Eliot's girlfriend and told Austin about what he thinks Ally is going to do so Austin ran to Champ's Grill Restaurant with Kira to stop Ally from saying she wanted to be Austin's Girlfriend.
  • Austin competed against Eliot to impress Ally because he wanted to show Ally that Eliot wasn't the right guy for her.
  • Austin and Ally were alone in the practice room.
  • Austin and Ally's hands touched while playing the piano and they stopped and looked into each others eyes.
  • Austin and Ally were leaning in for a kiss but they didn't kiss ( they almost kissed).