Girlfriends & Girl Friends is the eighth episode in Season 2 of Austin & Ally. It aired on January 27th, 2013. It got 3.966 million views and 4.0 million views in the United States.

"Girlfriends & Girl Friends"
Season 2, Episode 8
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Now that Kira has cured her bad breath, Austin decides to ask her out. She accepts, but changes her mind when she believes Austin has a crush on Ally. In order to prove her wrong, Ally helps Austin plan the perfect date for him and Kira, but in the process realizes that she likes Austin. After Austin leaves for his date, Dez looks through Kira's MyFace page and Ally realizes that everything she has packed for Austin and Kira's date Kira dislikes. On top of that, Ally realizes that the necklace she is wearing reads "Kira"; Austin was supposed to give it to Kira, but instead took Ally's identical necklace that said "Ally." Ally, Trish, and Dez decide to sneak to the park and switch Austin's picnic basket so that Kira will not think that Ally is trying to sabotage their night. They are caught and Kira blames Ally for ruining the date. In the end, Austin and Kira decide to stay together and finish their date playing videogames in Dez's basement, leaving Ally heartbroken.

Auslly MomentsEdit

  • Ally says that Austin is funny, talented, an awesome dancer, can count to ten in Spanish, and has amazing hair.
  • Kira thinks that they like each other.
  • Trish says that Austin and Ally have a special relationship.
  • Dez says in an aww voice "Austin's Ally's secret admirer?"
  • Austin sends the flowers to Ally with the message "There's no way I could make it without you."
  • Ally hugs Austin.
  • Dez asked Kira to move so he can get a shot of the happy couple and Ally smiled.
  • They go on a practice date together.
  • Austin puts his arm around Ally.
  • Ally says "She'll nestle up, feeling butterflies" and Austin says "My heart will be beating out of my chest."
  • They both said "It'll be... perfect" then looked at each other dreamily.
  • They cuddle for a really long time, and only stop when Dez comes in.
  • Ally admits that she has a crush on Austin, telling Trish "I like Austin."
  • Trish calls Austin the boy of Ally's dreams.
  • Trish told Austin that sometimes the perfect girl is closer than you think, referring to Ally.
  • Ally punches Austin's shoulder in a playful way and says "pal" rather unconvincingly and awkwardly.
  • When Austin was leaving, Ally was fake laughing, the same laugh she had when she liked Dallas.
  • When Ally said Austin has amazing hair, she actually stroked his hair.
  • Ally tried to save Austin and Kira's date, even though she likes him.
  • At the end of the episode, Ally puts the card that Austin gave her in her book. (Ally's book is where she writes down personal thoughts such as her crushes).
  • When Austin and Kira revealed they had an awesome date and it was the best date ever, Ally said, "Wait, you guys had a good time?" in a shocked way.
  • Ally seemed heartbroken when Austin and Kira officially became an item.