Austin and Ally Girlfriends & Girlfriends is the 8th episode of Austin and Ally Season 2. In this episode the Auslly Romance starts to form.    Edit


Girlfriends and Girlfriends
Season 2, Episode 8
Vital statistics
Air date January 27th, 2013
Written by Samantha Silver and Joey Manderino
Directed by Shelley Jensen
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Austin wants to date Jimmy Starr's Daughter , Kira, But Kira thinks Austin and Ally have feelings for each other so Ally helps Austin plan the perfect date for Austin and Kira. Meanwhile, Dez is trying to get Kira to meet Austin at the park. When Austin and Ally were on the practice date in the practice room, romance starts to form and at that moment, Ally relizes she has feelings for Austin, but knowing the Austin likes Kira, Ally only tells Trish her crush on Austin and soon, the date that Ally helped plan for Austin and Kira is a disaster and The team has to find a way to save their date. Ally truly wants Austin and Kira to have a great date, but Ally also has feelings for Austin so the Auslly love Triangle starts to form in the rest of the Auslly Episodes.

Auslly Moments in EpisodeEdit

  • Ally was bragging about how awesome Austin is to Kira during their lunch with the group to celebrate for the  #1 Video.
  • Kira thought that Austin and Ally had feelings for each other because Austin and Ally were close friends.
  • Dez thought that Ally's secret admirer was Austin
  • Dez and Trish called Austin and Ally 
  • Austin got Ally flowers for a gift
  • In the card Austin gave Ally ( that came along with the flowers) he wrote " There's no way I can make it     without you".                                                                          
  • Ally was helping Austin plan the perfect date for Kira which shows that Ally really cares about Austin.
  • Austin was putting his arms around Ally during the practice date
  • Ally's feelings for Austin started to changed ever since they were pretending to be on the perfect date to help Austin's date with Kira. ( Ally relized she likes Austin )
  • Ally went shopping for the things Austin needed for his perfect date with Kira 
  • Ally said she genuinely wanted Austin and Kira to have a good time on their date 
  • Austin said Thank you to Ally for helping to plan the date.
  • Ally was playfully punching Austin when Austin was about to go on his date and she also called Austin "pal' in an awkward way and laughed aka her fake laugh ( flirting ).
  • Ally felt bad she ruined Austin's date. ( Ally cares about Austin )
  • Ally kept the card in her songbook that Austin gave to her when he got Ally flowers.

Songs FeaturedEdit

  • Can't do it without you

Girlfriends and Girl FriendsEdit

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