Welcome to the Wiki Guidelines Page. Please Review these Guidelines before editing on AusllyandRaurashipperswiki. Thank you.

Wiki Guidelines or Rules

  1. Always be friendly to one another. Do NOT offend others or do anything that will hurt anyone on this wiki.
  2. Do NOT give out personal information to anyone even if you trust them because someone else could read your post and even giving out a little bit of information can put you in danger,
  3. Please respect everyone on this wiki and always be helpful and supportive because you are a part of the AusllyandRaurashippers wiki Family and Family members do NOT treat each other badly.
  4. Please only edit, post, write, etc anything that is relevant or related to the page on AusllyandRaurashippers wiki. 
  5. If you see anything that is irrelevant to the page or the wiki please contact an Admin
  6. If you violate any of the AusllyandRaurashipperswiki Guidelines, You will be given 3 warnings but if you you already had 3 warnings you will be blocked for a whole month.
  7. Please DO NOT vandalize any page, blog post, profile, etc on this wiki. If you vandalize the page you will be given 3 warnings, the next times you violate the wiki guidlines, you will be blocked and we will also lock the page so no one else vandalizes the page.
  8. Please DO NOT do anything bad that will get anyone blocked or any type of punishment.
  9. If any Admin, Rollback, Chat mod, or any users with special priveliges violate the Wiki Guidelines, You will  be given a 3 warnings before we take your job or special privelige away on AusllyandRaurashipperswiki.
  10. Please don't bash ships. For ex. (Eww! This (name of ship) will never happen! (Name of A Ship) will happen!)
  11. Please respect EVERYONE'S opinion at ALL times. Before you post or comment on anything, please think about if it will affend other users on this wiki. If it is something negative, our rollbacks will alert an admin to delete your post or comment etc and will notify you of a warning before being blocked. 

Thank you for reading and Happy Editing ! ~Admins Of the AusllyAndRauraShippers Wiki